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Our mission is to offer supported accommodation where people can be inspired and empowered by their own strengths.

We cannot do this without the support of our kind community. Together, we can put an end to this suffering and ensure that no one has to go through this alone.

Please consider making a single or monthly donation or look at our other support options. Your contribution will make a positive difference and change lives for the better.

To make your donation:
- Fill out the form on the right (or below if you're visiting on your mobile) to donate electronically
- Download the relevant donation form below and return to us using the address included along with your cheque, cash or information of bank transfer (this option poses no charge to Arc)
- Head to our Just Giving page here:

Download Arc Individual Donation Form
Download Arc Regular Donation Form

Here are the projects we are currently raising funds for: 

Move In Fund 
Our Move In Fund assists those who are moving on to their own independent accommodation by helping to provide everyday essentials such as washing machines, fridges, cookers, and carpets. We have seen that this not only essential for getting settled in a new home, but also helps our clients to sustain their new tenancy and independence. 

Crescent Cleaning Services 
Our very own social enterprise, Crescent Cleaning Services, has been specifically designed and established to support those who have experienced homelessness back into employment. Read more about this by clicking here.

Big Sleep Out 2022
Arc's Big Sleep Out is our annual fundraising event where we ask participants to get sponsored to spend just one night sleeping outside. Although anyone can take part, we understand that the Big Sleep Out isn't for everyone. However, you can still support our 'sleepers' and Arc by making a donation towards the event. To find out more about the Big Sleep Out, click here.

General Fund 
By donating to our General Fund, you will be assisting with not only our core service of accommodation, but also supporting our other services such as our GP surgery, Veteran’s Project, Health Link Worker, Arc Academy, and PAWS Project. Your donation may help with the small but just as important items that benefit our clients, such as clothing, hobby items, push bikes, or providing a whole property with fish and chips! Wherever it is spent, it will make the world of difference for our residents.

Whilst we intend to spend your donation for the specific purpose you have selected, in the circumstance where we have raised more than we need for this appeal, we will use your donation to fund other important projects which directly benefit those experiencing homelessness.

 If you’d like to know more about how your donations are spent, please contact Rosie: [email protected] / 07736043403   

Other Ways to Support Us:
If you are unable to support us through a monetary donation or regular donation, there are plenty of other ways that you can support our work.

From getting your work involved to donating unwanted bedding or kitchen items, your contribution will be very much appreciated and make a great difference! 

Visit our 'Other Ways To Support Us' page or contact Rosie Hather on [email protected] to discuss .


Why Support Us

Arc rely on support of our kind community to provide the support our clients need. Donations allow us to offer a safe, welcoming and maintained environment where clients can feel comfortable and safe.

We Can Help

No two clients are the same. We are here to help irrespective of age, background or level of need. Our assistance is very much one to one.


Our volunteers assist us with many different tasks, from picking up donated food to sitting with our clients weekly, teaching them a new skill. Volunteers are a big part of the support we can offer our clients. 

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