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Could you choose between your pet or your home? Sadly, this is the heart-breaking decision that many pet owners are forced to make – deciding whether they have a roof over their heads or say goodbye to their companion.

At Arc, we believe that pet ownership should never prevent someone from accessing the help and support they need. This is why we have always welcomed pet owners in a housing crisis though our PAWS Project, to ensure that the precious bond is not broken by homelessness. We are delighted to announce that we are now working alongside StreetVet to offer a higher level of care and support to our clients!
Since March 2022, two Arc properties, Lindley House and Norie House, have become part of the StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme. StreetVet are a wonderful organisation that also understands the importance of pet ownership, specifically within the homeless community.
StreetVet provides direct support with pet care for rough sleepers through volunteer veterinary professionals but realised that part of the issue was that individuals experiencing homelessness with their pets had very few options for moving forward due to limited pet-friendly accommodation.
Though providing hostels and housing services with support they need to becoming pet-friendly, StreetVet have been enabling more and more homeless individuals to access safe and suitable accommodation for them and their pet.
Thanks to the scheme, our clients can access free veterinary care and advice throughout their Arc journey, as well as continued support once they have moved on into independent accommodation. They can also request items they may need, such as food, treats, leads and harnesses, or specialised equipment, and they can access emergency boarding should they need to go to hospital for example. 

StreetVet provide staff training, assist with policies and procedures regarding pets, and produce posters and signage to help educate and inform clients about the pets they are sharing their accommodation with. This has enabled our PAWS Project to grow and flourish, improving the lives of our clients with their pets.

StreetVet have a number of sponsors who help to provide pet items to hostels, including Big Dog Bed Company, Earth Animal, Ancol, and Scrumbles. These items are very welcomed and appreciated by our clients as it means they do not have to stress about affording the expense that is pet care, and they also help to provide a bit of luxury for their four-legged friends.

Since being part of the scheme, each client with a pet has had the opportunity for a vet visit for a health check. We have also been able to support clients in getting their furry friends vaccinated and neutered thanks to the scheme, as well as provide emergency veterinary care when one of the dogs quickly became unwell.

To find out more about Arc’s PAWS Project and our work with StreetVet, please contact PAWS Co-ordinator and Pet Advocate Alice at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can find updates on our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, or visit

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