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Arc’s core service is to provide accommodation for those who have become homeless.

Our accommodation offerings are based on the different support needs of our clients, to ensure we can provide a personalised approach for each individual.

Lindley House in Taunton is our direct access hostel, with 46 rooms and a further 11 ‘crash pads’ for emergency 1-night accommodation. Our hostel is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides 3 meals per day for clients staying there. This tends to be where clients start their journey with Arc whilst we assess support needs and work with them to transition to more independent living.

Our 14 ‘satellite properties’ are based in Taunton and Bridgwater and house between 5 and 12 individuals. Support is still provided on a weekly, one to one basis by our Pathway Workers, but there is no live in support. Satellite accommodation allows our clients to live in a more independent environment, preparing them for their own homes when ready!

There is no time restriction in any of our properties. Although our accommodation is classed as ‘temporary’, each individual’s circumstance is different and we respect that. A client could need 3 months in our services, or a year. We will ensure a client is ready before they take their next step.
Among our satellite properties is ‘Victory House’, 8 bed accommodation specifically for veterans. Victory House was launched in February 2018 as we noticed a rise in veterans using our services and recognised that their support needs differed from civilian clients. Clients in Victory House receive specialised support with issues such as PTSD, institutionalisation and returning to civilian life.

Once clients are ready, our Pathway Workers will assist them into their own home, which can be through housing associations, the local council or private rental properties.

Here at Arc, we have our very own letting agency, Somerset West Letting Agency, which offers private but affordable accommodation to those on a low income or struggling to afford the rising fees associated with private lettings. You can read more about our letting agency here.

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