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The Joy of Creativity

Just £6 can bring the joy of creativity to someone experiencing homelessness. A small gift for an investment into their future. Could you make that difference? 

Creating artwork can have a great positive impact on mental health as it can act as a method of communicating thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to put into words. It can create a sense of peace and tranquillity, an escape from ‘real life’ for a while, as well as helping to develop problem solving skills. Art can also be helpful to understand the importance of making mistakes and then being able to put them behind you and learn from them, rather than focus on the negative.  

One person who has been helped through art is Trixie. She struggled with her mental health after having to give up her daughter. “I lost it a little bit after that” she said. For the next few years Trixie became stuck in an abusive relationship. “He started calling me names and would get abusive if he didn’t get what he wanted, or if he woke up in a bad mood. Lockdown made it worse because we couldn’t escape each other. He got more violent. I began to not feel myself, and the stress was causing me health issues.” After 3 years, Trixie found the strength to leave but sadly this meant she was searching for shelter on the streets. She then stayed between her friends and her mums, but it put too much pressure on their relationships. Trixie called the council and came to Arc, and she now lives in one of our satellite properties. 

Thanks to the generous donations from our local community, Trixie is able attend an art class. She says, “it’s been really good because I can channel my thoughts and feelings into my art. The time seems to fly by when I’m doing my art! It’s been helping me learn new skills and build my confidence. One lesson we were drawing skulls and I thought it would be impossible, but the teacher helped me with an outline for me to complete. It turned out really good! Now I don’t need his help so much as I’m getting better and have developed my own style.” Trixie2.jpegTrixie.jpeg
Just two examples of the work that Trixie has completed so far - aren't they great?!

The cost of basic art equipment is just £6, yet the huge positive change that growing confidence, freedom of expression, and use of a creative outlet is priceless for someone experiencing homelessness. Could you sponsor a starter Art Pack for just £6 to provide this opportunity for someone like Trixie? 

To sponsor an Art Pack, click here and select the ‘Fund’ as ‘Art Pack’ to donate electronically. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about art at Arc, please get in touch with Rosie at [email protected] 

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