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'Unseen' - Arc's Art Exhibition

Showcasing the hidden talents of those experiencing homelessness 

Arc are excited to be hosting their very own art exhibition, ‘Unseen’, consisting entirely of artwork created by those experiencing, or who have previously experienced, homelessness. The event will take place 4th to 8th October 2022 at the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton, open daily from 10am until late. The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the hidden talents of a community who are all too-often ‘unseen’ themselves. 

Through offering tailored support for each of our clients, we get to know the person behind the homelessness, building on the unique traits and skills of the individual to inspire them to take positive steps forward. For many clients, exploring and developing creative skills can have a huge impact on general wellbeing, allowing someone to be inspired and empowered by their own abilities.  

Expressing creativity can have many benefits for those in a time of crisis. Sadly, poor mental health is rife within the homeless community, with studies suggesting that over 80% of those experiencing homelessness struggle with their mental health. If you are struggling, it can hinder your ability to access support, leaving you ‘stuck’ in a particular situation or routine.  

Having a creative outlet can provide an opportunity for self-expression, conveying emotions and feelings that someone may be unable to communicate otherwise. Art allows for someone to understand that it is okay to make mistakes, and with a bit of adaptation, mistakes can be beautiful and helpful. It has been shown that art can actively reduce levels of stress hormones in the brain. Alongside this, creating artwork can provide a distraction and a form of temporary escape from ‘real life’, allowing artists and their brains to have a break. 

We are always actively encouraging our clients to pursue and develop their talents, and thanks to the wonderful donations that we receive from our local community and supporter group, we are able to provide items to help our clients achieve this. For this exhibition, your generosity has meant that we have been able to purchase acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolours, pencil sets, pastels, art pads, spray paints, canvases, and paintbrushes.  

We would be delighted for you to come and visit our exhibition in October, so please come along if you can! 

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