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Rent in Advance

"What Arc and supporters of Arc are doing is really important and you’ve made my life"

At Arc, we work to reduce or remove any barriers which may prevent a client from moving forwards, and this includes our Rent in Advance (RIA) scheme. Moving home can be a costly venture with many financial considerations, which can be overwhelming for someone who has experienced homelessness. By offering a range of support for this huge step forwards for our clients, we aim to reduce the initial costs of moving and make it more achievable and affordable for all. Our RIA scheme assists clients who are ready to move into their own independent accommodation by helping to pay rent in advance or deposits via an interest free loan from Arc.

Initially, the client would advise their Pathway Worker that they have been offered a property, at which point they are usually met with many ‘congratulations’ and much excitement! This will then lead to a discussion about their need for RIA support from Arc. If the client does need help, a full financial assessment is completed which assesses their situation and expected outgoings. If this is approved, an affordable and gradual repayment plan is created which is based fully on each individual's circumstances. With average rent in advance costs being approximately £350 for our clients, this can be such a huge help for someone who has taken that last big step to independence.

Since January, 21 Arc clients have been assisted with RIA when they have moved into their new homes. That is 21 people who have been able to have a fresh start in their lives, and all of them were able to because of YOU. Our RIA scheme is fully funded by your thoughtful donations, meaning that each time you donate to Arc, you could be helping someone reach the final stage in their journey with Arc. For this, we are forever grateful.

We asked a former client Martin what difference it made for us to provide him with the rent in advance, and he answered:

“You wouldn’t believe how much. I didn’t have a penny to my name and I was really worried as I had accepted a flat offered to me, but I didn’t have anything to fill it with. I received the rent in advance and the white goods and it was a life saver. Arc and their donors started me off, they put me on the road and I’m ever so thankful. What Arc and supporters of Arc are doing is really important and you’ve made my life. I’ve got my own place again, in a lovely area, I have no hassles and everywhere I walk is beautiful. I can only thank Arc for that. Whatever help these supporters provide to homeless people, they’re doing an important job, I don’t think they realise how important and how much I respect them. I can’t thank everyone enough.”

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