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Bruno's 'tail'

Even though our StreetVet accreditation began only a few months ago, the project has already had a big impact.

You may have heard that two Arc properties recently became accredited with StreetVet, an organisation who works to support those experiencing homelessness with their pets. Each of our fluffy clients have already received a huge amount of assistance with pet care and expert advice, making sure each stays happy and healthy during their journey with Arc. This project has a huge positive impact on our clients, allowing them to focus on themselves and their next step forward, rather than having to worry about their pet. We'd like to tell you about Bruno, whose life has been completely changed for the better since our accreditation with StreetVet.

Bruno is a 14 year old Labrador who has been in Arc accommodation with his owner after the breakdown of a 15 year relationship. They have been in Arc services for the past two and a half years, and have stayed together that time thanks to the PAWS Project

Bruno was a typical, bouncy Labrador with a cheeky attitude and always liked to voice his opinion! However, as with many senior pets, Bruno began to develop arthritis, causing him to slow down and have difficulty moving around. Although the vets had offered several treatment plans to help ease his discomfort, he was still struggling. Bruno’s mobility had so severely degraded that he was even finding it difficult to get out of his bed to say ‘hello’. This led to his muscle mass decreasing, alongside his appetite. Sadly, this also meant that he also lost his bouncy personality. It got to a point where we thought we would have to say goodbye… 

After explaining this situation to StreetVet, their expert staff took a look at Bruno's medical history. They discussed treatment with Bruno’s vet and decided to trial Bruno on a new monthly anti-inflammatory injection that would offer pain relief. Only a few days after his first injection, Bruno was moving around easier and becoming more and more active each day. If you see Bruno now, you would never guess he was 14 years old! He loves to be in the garden exploring, chewing on toys, and has even started being cheeky again and telling us all what he thinks! His appetite has increased, and his weight is now improving.

StreetVet's vast experience and knowledge has meant that Bruno gets a chance to live out his retirement pain-free, just how a dog should. It means that Bruno's owner has not lost his best friend, and they get to spend even more quality time together during their journey with Arc, and hopefully beyond! 

Bruno's owner is so grateful for the advice and support from StreetVet that was life-changing for Bruno, saying, "it's done him the world of good!" - we completely agree! 


We are currently looking to raise funds for re-accreditation with StreetVet for next year, so that we can make sure that this invaluable support continues. If you would like to support our PAWS Project, you can make a donation here by selecting 'PAWS' as the fund. Thank you!

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