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Cooking 'Teacher' Volunteer

We provide cooking classes for our clients each Tuesday from 1pm - 3pm and we need someone to assist, showing clients how to cook a range of meals

Job description:

Part of what Arc do is assist clients to gain independence by teaching them new skills. Being able to cook a meal for yourself is a huge part of that independence and will help clients move on into their own accommodation and be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

We therefore hold these cooking sessions each week, teaching clients new recipes that they can take with them when they move on. 

We have 1 volunteer already running this courses but due to their popularity, we'd love another volunteer to work alongside to assist or stand in when she is unable to make it. 

Currently we hold our cooking classes on Tuesdays from 1pm - 3pm. 

The volunteer does not need to have any particular qualifications in cooking, it could simply just be a hobby / interest or skill! The volunteer will have to acquire a Food and Hygeine Certificate which Arc can help you with. 

To apply please download the volunteer application below and send it back to Steve Atkinson using the details below. You can also contact Steve for further information.  


Lindley House, Taunton


Expenses paid (e.g. travel, parking)


Steve Atkinson: [email protected] / 07436090424


Attachment: Download document

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